My Best Of 2009: Best Political Card

I've written previously about the idea of Ted Kennedy being a Green Bay Packer and I feel Ted's Mayo card is possibly the most perfect blending of sports and politics: he is an important politician that actually played a sport in college.

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2009 Topps Mayo #323 Ted Kennedy


Roy said…
Is there a George Bush Yale baseball card? I sure hope not.
cynicalbuddha said…
Yep sure is a George Bush Yale card from last years Donruss Threads Baseball. Unless you were being sarcastic Roy-z and already knew that.
jacobmrley said…
There was a pretty cool turkey red card a couple years ago of gerald ford from Michigan. Plus, he was an all american in college, so he actually could have been a professional athlete.
Matt F. said…
That's a really nice looking Ford card. I'll have to pick that up somewhere.

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