800th Post

Each year my in-laws put out a family news letter and over these past few years I've begun to sneak into the precious document. I've been dating my fiance [Laura] for 7+ years and we've been engaged for about two of those and so I think they finally got the picture that I'll be around for a while. There was much discussion this year between Laura and her sister as to what exactly should be put in the letter about me. The key issue was should any mention of my card blog be included or would this somehow lessen the grandeur of this year's letter. It was asserted that the blog was "nerdy" and probably shouldn't be included. Laura, always my staunch defender, claimed that I had one of the best card blog in the world...forget America. Despite her efforts, the blog was cut from the letter. Such is the nature of the hobby I've chosen I guess.

Let me also take this opportunity to mention that I've adjusted my "Players I Collect" section on the right side of the blog. I am now going to focus on the teams of my youth [Twins & Brewers] as I have pretty much taken care of the teams of my recent past [Mariners & Royals] thanks to the generosity of my readers.

I've also added Washington Nationals pitcher Jordan Zimmerman to my collecting list. Jordan is from my home state of Wisconsin and played for the semi-professional team from my hometown, The Eau Claire Express. He has a bunch of 2009 trading cards [most notably an Allen & Ginter rookie card] but will be out for the 2010 season due to Tommy John shoulder surgery.

P.S. If you want to see what the inside of the above Christmas card says, go here at your own risk.


Field of Cards said…
Congrats on having a staunch defender! Wait, I mean congrats on your 800th post.
night owl said…
Congrats on No. 800. I'm closing in myself.

And card blogs/collecting is NOT nerdy. Please let that be known.
Roy said…
800 eh? Congrats. I'm closing in on #15!
800 is quite a nice round number....it'll be 1000 before you know it! Congrats.
beardy said…
Congrats on the milestone!

I have a Jordan Zimmerman Topps 206 auto that I would love to trade you. Drop me an email, and we can work out the details.