Vintage Sportscard's Authentic Jersey and Card Set Review

I've only seen these sets available at Toys R Us but I would imagine some of the major box stores have them too. The important thing here is that it is an "authentic jersey and card" and not an "authentic jersey card." This product is a sort of Frankenstein monster of a base card and a piece of jersey riveted together in cardboard.

Once you open up the outer wrapping you are faced with a white envelope:

I bought two of these sets. The first had a 2003 Donruss Roberto Alomar with a white jersey piece.

The second card had a 2004 Donruss Team Heroes card and a blue jersey piece.

The reverse side of these cards shows that they are made by a company called Vintage Sportscards and that these jersey pieces were obtained from Upper Deck.

Rating: C-

Besides the problem that these are odd sized and can't really be stored easily it really only works for collectors of a certain player or team. I imagine I would like these if they had a football version with Green Bay Packers players.


Anonymous said…
Nice Alomar. Better than any I've pulled (my best is Mo Vaughn), though I did get a ridiculously awesome Fergie Jenkins one in a trade. They do make football (and basketball too), so there are probably some Packers out there somewhere. There are also patch swatches, Dinged Corners got a crazy Jeff Kent one back in the day, and I received a Warrick Dunn patch in the same trade I received the Fergie in.
Anonymous said…
Yikes, those are atrocious.

I've seen them in Target and have contemplated buying them but I could never pull the trigger.

Glad I know what they look like!
Anonymous said…
To be fair, I think they do look better than a lot of the jersey cards on the market.

Of course, I don't know what I'd do with more odd-sized "cards"
pi74 said…
I just bought a dozen of these cards as stocking stuffers at Toy's R Us(3.99) I was curious and wanted to see one figuring it was going to be an obscure player and I was shocked that it was Johnny Unitas. Opened three more and they were all Johnny U's too. Still have the other 8 unopened. Any idea of the value?
JeremyLG said…
I pulled a Hank Aaran jersey patch. Trying to find out if its worth anything...anyone know where to look?
Matt Flaten said…
You could check on eBay and see if anyone is selling one similar to what you pulled. That's probably the best way to get a value for it.
Anonymous said…
I BOUGHT 2 PACKS IN 2014 AT TOY R US PULLED A Jerry stkhouse and in the second one i pulled a Michael Jordan jersey die cut.
Any ways to look up the value on these?