Team 2000

There's a lot of talk about what the greatest insert set is and I'm throwing the Team 2000 inserts from the 1992 Pinnacle set into the ring.

The great nature of these inserts is that I'm reviewing them 17 years after the set came out so we can see how accurate they were in predicting the players of the future. I'm mainly highlighting some of the players that they got right in this post and as I get closer to finishing the set we will see some players that barely made it out of the 1992 season.

Upper Deck could do a nice Team 2020 for their 2010 base set and that would get me interested in Upper Deck cards again.

#8 Ivan Rodriguez

#32 Greg Maddux

#33 Andujar Cedeno

#37 Jim Thome

#49 Ramon Martinez

#54 Mo Vaughn

#58 Tom Gordon

#65 John Olerud

#68 Luis Gonzalez