Show and Tell #29: Trade with Baseball Dad

Baseball Dad over at All Tribe Baseball sent me his half of a little trade recently and here are some of the highlights:

2006 Allen & Ginter #38 Zack Greinke

I've got complete 2007 and 2008 Allen & Ginter sets but I think this is only about my forth 2006 A&G card. I know the Royals have money trouble but you'd think they could get a better glove for their ace starter. 2005 was a pretty bad season for Zack as he went 5-17...nearly the reverse of his 16-8 record in 2009.

1997 Pinnacle Zenith #47 Jose Cruz Jr.

During the period that I wasn't collecting, I completely missed the rise and fall of Jose Cruz Jr.

4 Ichiros that I didn't have:

2004 Topps Total Team Checklist #26
2003 Donruss #180
2003 Topps Bazooka #229
2005 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects #72

1983 Donruss Jumbo #46 Bob Horner

I love these big cards and Bob Horner is one of those 80's semi-stars that I casually collect. Four homeruns in one game baby!

2009 Enterplay Fan Pak Standees #49 Alex Gordon

These are a neat little idea with a rather unfortunate name...

It makes me think of these: