Show and Tell #28: Cards That Slipped From Night Owl's Talons

Night Owl recently let these gems slip through his talons...

1971 Topps #520 Tommy John

This one serves the dual purpose of crossing one of my '71 needs list [sitting just shy of 60% by the way] and giving me a new card of one of my favorite players.

It's fun to see the signature as "Thomas John" and I never really thought about what his real name is. It's not quite as great as realizing that Ozzie Guillen's first name is Oswaldo but it will do.

Don't forget that Mr. 3rd Base Stealer used to be a Royal.

He also sent along a bunch of Royals...some are highlighted here:

Thanks Night Owl!


night owl said…
Just for the record, I don't look like that birdie resting on the branch.

My eyes are less yellow.