November 10, 2009

Show and Tell #27: A Lesson In Politics From Collective Troll

Thanks to Collective Troll I've got a bunch of new-to-me political cards...and they are a nice little Veterans Day tribute:

2007 Topps Distinguished Service #DS10 Douglas MacArthur

2007 Topps Distinguished Service #DS30 Richard Bong

2007 Topps Distinguished Service #DS9 Harry Truman

2008 Topps Presidential Campaign #HCM-1960 Kennedy vs. Nixon

2008 Topps Presidential Campaign #HCM-1880 Garfield vs. Hancock

And some more:

I even got a little mini bonus:

2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #142 Zack Greinke Mini

Thanks Collective Troll and I'll be getting your return package together shortly.
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