November 22, 2009

Reconsidering '08 Stadium Club

Nearly everyone has commented on the excellent photography of the 2009 Topps set but the real quality sea change happened earlier in the 2008 Stadium Club set. Now, I know Topps messed up the set with the autographed rookie cards that don't have a corresponding base cards and the insanely limited and confusing parallel cards but the photography alone on the base cards makes this set a winner in my book.

#80 Ryan Braun

#5 Russ Martin

#82 Manny Ramirez

#62 Joba Chamberlain

#16 Jake Peavy

Also, without a doubt my favorite autographs from 2008 are the Beam Team autos. If you haven't actually seen one of these in person they are semi-transparent and look exactly like stained glass.

Felix Pie Beam Team Autograph

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