Page 137

Collectors, please turn our scriptures to page 137:

I've been planning out a long term project of getting a copy of every card listed in TGABCF,T&BGB but it is harder than you might think. There is no index of the cards listed and the little stories that go along with each card sometimes offer no insight to the card that is pictured.

But I've been going through page by page noting the cards featured and have recently completed page 137:

1962 Topps #349 Paul Foytack

1961 Topps #345 Jim Piersall


Matt Runyon said…
Great project! I've thought about doing that a few times. The '55 Williams and the '52 Mays would be the toughest ones to get.
deal said…
Are you going to publish the checklist? that would be a great service to us all.
Matt Flaten said…
Posting the checklist is the long term goal. I am about 40% done and have a few cards that I have no idea about that I will need to ask some help with.