Et tu, Brute?

What's the furthest you've ever been from blogging? There is of course the logistical part to that question. That is, how far away you are from the nearest computer and internet access. There is also the emotional distance from writing that next blog post.

Well, being on hiatus puts you a fairly good emotional distance from your next post. Try going on vacation while on hiatus. The past two weeks I've been visiting my family back in Packer country and so no posts here or on A Pack To Be Named Later. I got to watch a good part of the World Series and two Packer games which was a nice change from being forced to watch the Chiefs in Lawrence.

As a fan of freedom and democracy my grandma and I were of course hoping for a Phillies comeback but it was not meant to be this year. While I was in town we took a drive around rural Wisconsin to the town of Bloomer where my fiance's grand parents live. As we drove by their house, it was like a stab in the back when I saw their front porch:


night owl said…
Seriously, there should be no fans of the Yankees who do not live in/hail from New York City proper or Connecticut/New Jersey.

It's just not logical to have a Yankee fan in Wisconsin. It makes no sense.
Spiff said…
Time to have a serious talk with the fiancee. Gotta make sure that problem doesn't cross generational lines.