What's Up The Obak Blasters?

A little while ago I wrote about my enjoyment of Tristar's Obak set and in the comments section of that post Dayf made a comment about how he would have "bought a blaster if Tristar hadn't screwed 'em up." I didn't really know what that meant because I hadn't seen an Obak blaster in person.

Well, I stumbled upon one today and I dig what Dayf was preachin'. I snapped a photo of the blaster in question:

$20 for 4 packs. 4 packs? $5 a pack for retail? Loose [and probably card searched] retail packs are $3 an inch away from the blaster display. Although, you do get a retail exclusive Obama card with the blaster. Don't get me wrong, I love Obama as much as the next guy...as long as the next guy is Michelle Obama. I've drunk the Kool-Aid...you with me? But still this card means nothing to me. Less than nothing considering it's the same photo of Obama with just a different background.


zman40 said…
That is dumb. I'm glad that you made the right choice. I was pissed just by getting an Obama card in a random pack.

Those blasters should be burned!!!
Thanks to a couple of bloggers, I got what I wanted out of that set...and didn't spend a penny! 4 packs/$20 is nuts.
Anonymous said…
$20 for 25 cards (one of which is the billionth Obama card released this year?)

Tri-Star must be nuts. When they slash the price in half because the things aren't selling, maybe I'll think about it.
dayf said…
Yep, that's what I meant.

The only way they can possibly justify that price is if they are hobby packs with a 1:4 shot at an auto or something. 4 retail packs, 4 extra cards and a generic Obama Ain't worth 20, not when you can get 6 packs and change for the same price.