An Unlicensed Mini- Set That I Enjoy

As Upper Deck stares down the reality of making unlicensed baseball cards next year, here's a little unlicensed set from 1995 made by Tombstone Pizza. The set includes 12 cards [all quarterbacks] and I imagine that you could get these by buying a certain number of pizzas and mailing in the UPC codes but I don't remember how I came to own these cards.

I think Tombstone should get some praise for their image editing skills as their air brushing jobs look pretty good and the helmets look very natural without the logos.

The card case:

The above card is #1 Ken Anderson.

#2 Terry Bradshaw

Here is what the reverse looks like:

#3 Len Dawson

#4 Dan Fouts

#5 Bob Griese

#6 Billy Kilmer

#7 Joe Namath

#8 Jim Plunkett

#9 Ken Stabler

#10 Bart Starr

#11 Joe Theismann

#12 Johnny Unitas


The Dawson, Starr, Unitas and Fouts look awesome!
dayf said…
those indeedy are very nice looking cards.