Lost In The Shuffle

I've been sorting through my many boxes of common cards and dividing them by team in preparation for a great big giveaway when I come back to blogging full time and as I was mindless sorting the cards I came upon this card.

Somewhere along the line I was sent a TTM or in-person autograph of former Mariners manager and 1965 National League Rookie of the year Jim Lefebvre. I must have passed by it at Mach 3 the first time around and I feel bad I wasn't able to highlight it earlier or send something appropriate back. So, Dear Lefebvre Card Sender, thank you for sending it and I am sorry I missed it the first time.


gcrl said…
good golly i like that card. i have sent a few cards to frenchie but he has yet to sign and return any of them. kudos to you matt!