Should I Free These Cards From Their Plastic Prison?

My autograph collection of mid-to-low level stars has recently added these Graig Nettles and Ron Kittle autographs from the 2004 Topps set. They are currently in an official Topps case with an "Uncirculated" sticker on the top. The cases are a bit scratched up which bugs me but I would really just be changing one plastic prison for another.

Does the "Uncirculated" nature of the cards actually help things? I can't imagine it really matters all that much. With the exception of some of the SportKings cards, do any other companies still produce cards encased like this?


Fuji said…
I have a few of these cards too (not the autos but uncirculated rookies from Topps). Personally, if your two autos are part of your PC... I'd pop the case and put them into new cases. If you're going to turn around and flip it, then I'd keep them in their original case and let the future owner make the decision.
AdamE said…
Keep them in the case. Put each case in a team bag. Won't take away the scratches that are already there but will prevent more.
PunkRockPaint said…
I HAVE THAT KITTLE CARD!!! I thought it was unique... Darn.