September 29, 2009

Season Tickets Update for 2009

Each year at about this time, I get a postcard from the Green Bay Packers letting me know where I sit on the waiting list for season tickets. I've been on the list for a few years now and here's the progress I've made:

2007: 69,193
2008: 68,158 [moved up 1,035 places]
2009: 67,338 [moved up 820 places]

I'm sitting at 67,338 on the list and this year I only moved up 820 places. I thought for sure that there would be a big jump this year with the poor year the Packers had last season and the current economic situation. Instead, the rate fell and it looks less and less likely that I will live to see a chance at tickets. At the rate of 820 spots a year, it would take 82 years to get tickets, putting me at a spry 112....I'll still probably hate Brett Favre.
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