Repeat of 1997?

Today on the CBS pre-game show both Boomer Esiason and Shannon Sharpe predicted a Packers/Partiots Super Bowl this year. I love the Packers but my soda nearly flew out my nose when they both said it.

After seeing that Viking game 2nd half it's going to be an interesting divisional race to say the least. Peterson had 25 yards rushing in the first half and ended up with 180 total. Ryan Grant's going to half to step it up.

Here's a Packer related relic from my collection from this year's Donruss Classics numbered 161/299.


Anonymous said…
As a life long WI resident and fan of all our teams I share your reserved attitude on the Packs ability.

It doesn't really bode well when the so called experts pick your team to do well. Hopefully, Rodgers can improve from last year, have a few comeback drives, and stomp both the bears (still suck) and queens this year. That'll be enough for me.