Tonight's Episode: "A Thank You To Mario" or "It's Hard Being A Corporate Whore"

A little while ago I showed and told about some of the free cards that Mario from Wax Heaven sent along. I held back one of the free ones until I knew exactly what I would be in store for. Why? Because Mario sent me one the Finest Rookie Card Redemption #6 from this year's Finest.

The real important question now is how much my coverage of Topps products will be positively influenced now that I've received a free redemption from Topps [through Mario]. Maybe this was Topps' master plan in giving Mario free products? To get their free-card tentacles into every card blog. Or will I now just be more in the tank for Wax Heaven? But then again who could be more in the tank for Wax Heaven then me? I love that blog. It's complicated being a corporate whore.

So here is the card that has purchased my undying support and allegiance:

Thanks Mario!


AceWild said…
I need that blanks cards its so nice and blanks is hitting good.