The Continuing Saga: 1971 Topps

The funny thing about "being on hiatus" is that about five times a day I think to myself "I should blog that." But the idea of "the hiatus" stops me. What good would it do to announce to everyone you are taking a break and have people write the most marvelous things about you and then just come back a few days later and write about some stupid shit that Panini is doing? If I'm going to do this hiatus thing, I need to do it for real.

That being said, I would say I'm buying more cards now than I was when I was searching for cards that could be fodder for a new blog post. I'm putting a big dent in my '71 Topps set as I'm now past 50% and moving closer and closer to having 1-100 complete...[except for that damn Reggie Jackson card at #20]. If I don't keep up with my "Continuing Saga" posts I'll never finish and so here is card...

#87 Jack Heidemann

I've always thought it a little weird when teams use the same logo as other teams from different sports. Here we have the Indians pretending to be the Chicago Bears. Or any sports team from Grambling posing as the Green Bay Packers. Or Tim Beckham how's tearing up what appears to be the Packer's summer league.