Worst Card Display Ever?

I'm always on the lookout for cards especially in places where they probably shouldn't be...like Best Buy...on my drive to Wisconsin this week, I stopped in Ellsworth, IA for some gas. The station in Ellsworth is attached to a Subway so I figured two-birds-one-stone. I would say this particular Subway is the cultural center of the surrounding thirty miles and the line for a sub was the longest I'd ever seen at a Subway...I headed over to the other side of the gas station which is called a "Kum & Go"...please, hold your snickering...

So right there between the Kum & Go sweatshirts and the Des Moines tourist guides sits a handful of football, baseball, and...wait for it...High School the Musical cards.

A closer view:

So is this the worst card display ever? It's bad, but they get major points for having current sets. There could easily have been 2007 Topps Series 2 sitting there collecting dust.

What's the oddest place you've ever found cards for sale?


beardy said…
You didn't by any chance get a shot of the "Kum & Go" sweatshirts, did you?

There's a stack of cards in it for you if you send me one. I'm a size medium.
beardy said…
You did! I see it now in the bottom of the first photo!

Captain Canuck said…
I dunno what you're talking about man, that's every WalMart in Calgary.

and Beardy... a medium? Really? *snicker*
Doc said…
The oddest place I ever remember finding cards for sale was a cello pack of 89 Donruss in an aisle at Home Depot.

Mind you, this was not at the register, but in an AISLE of home improvement goods.

Dig the blog.
Twitch said…
They had 7 card packs of 2009 Series 1 Topps by the checkout at Dollar General not too long ago. If memory serves, the packs even said they were made exclusively for there.
dayf said…
I've seen worse.

Weirdest place to find baseball cards, eh? Ok, I think I was a freshman in college or something and on one of my holiday breaks I found myself out with my mom and grandmother antiquing. I don't know, man, I didn't have a car back then. What was I supposed to do.

So I'm tagging along with them looking at furniture and crap and at one of the stores I found an old Cadaco Baseball Game, the one with the spinners and player discs. This version was one of them with the player pictures on the discs so I bought it. My mom and grandmother were like, "Only you could find baseball stuff here". I was actually the only one who bought something that day if I remember correctly.
Anonymous said…
The weirdest place I've ever found cards is actually part hobby shop, part knick knack store. It's called Gifts for Guys and Gals. There's a little section with sports and Magic cards and then a huge section of themed salt and pepper shakers. Really weird.
Without a doubt, the weirdest place was a little hole in the all "bait" shop my dad and I stopped in when I was about 16. There were three completely full, dusty boxes of 1984 Donruss. This was in the summer of 1986 and my dad said we would come back after we fished so I could buy some packs. (I didn't have any money to buy them while we were there) HE LIED!! We didn't go back and I was not happy, but what could I do; it was 4 hours from home.
James said…
Maybe the cards are some sort of fuel-perks? After 10 fill-ups you get a free pack or something!
night owl said…
Before Target and Wal-Mart started dominating the card-selling scene, it was a lot more common to find cards in all kinds of odd places. I remember as a kid getting cards at a hospital, at a hotel, at an automotive parts store. You could find them anywhere.