What Goes Better With Fireworks Than........Camels. WHA???

Today I had one of those quintessential "I live in Kansas" moments. The idea of blowing things up on the Forth of July is an essential belief here in the Sunflower State. We have a bunch of those firework tents that have sprouted up in the past couple of weeks and there is one located about a 1/4 mile away from my work on the outskirts of Lawrence. I drive past it four times a day going and coming from work and during my lunch break. Today, I slammed on the breaks and pulled over when I saw the latest addition to the fireworks tent...CAMELS!

That's right kids, come on down and get some sparklers, snakes, m80s...and don't forget the camel ride!

When I was in graduate school we'd say this fireworks tent had a competitive advantage over the other tents...that is until the tent down the street gets an elephant!

And here's a shot of the firework tent that was right next door: