Show and Tell #26: More Surprises From Jeff

Every time I come upon a unique Ernie Banks card, I scoop it up and sent it to Amarillo Jeff, a huge Banks collector. In return, Jeff sends way too many great cards to me.

I've liked these cards from afar but never really thought of collecting them because the Sterling boxes are so expensive.

#213 2008 Topps Sterling Ty Cobb TC1

#214 2008 Topps Sterling Ty Cobb TC2

#215 2008 Topps Sterling Ty Cobb TC3
#74 2009 Upper Deck Legendary Cuts Alex Gordon

I sent one of these cards of Chippa! to dayf and even tried to have the fascist at the Post Office "cancel" the card...she refused to do it! I didn't want to end up on a watch list so I slunk off defeated.

#51 1972 Topps Harmon Killebrew

By all accounts that bat should break through the flimsy orange border and break the protective plastic protecting this card.

I think with these four cards I have a '72 Topps Royals team set!

#109 1972 Topps Jerry May

#205 1972 Topps Dick Drago

#68 1972 Topps Jim York

#10 1972 Topps Amos Otis