Show and Tell #23: Beardy's Best

Beardy sent me a bunch of Topps Heritage and some odds and are my favorites:

As a devout X-Fractor fan this is my favorite...the card technology covers the fact that Mr. Kline hasn't pitched in the minors since 2007 and missed all of 2008 after shoulder surgery.

2008 Bowman #BCP236 Will Kline X-Fractor 113/250

I love Zack Greinke but one of the stories of the year is Wakefield's 11-3 start. His ERA is more than double Greinke's but what can you do when you're a knuckle baller.

2009 Topps Heritage #280 Tim Wakefield

I like this one because not one person in the crowd is looking at Mantle.

2009 Topps Heritage #BF1 Longest Home Run

2009 A Piece of History #120 Kila Ka'Aihue Blue Border #195/299

I enjoy how Bo is changing the physical properties of the ball by the swing of his bat.

1988 Score #180 Bo Jackson

Thanks Beardy!


beardy said…
anytime dude. enjoy!
Motherscratcher said…
Kila should be a surfer, shouldn't he? Either way, I hope that he never changes his "I'm a high school freshman and I'm growing my first mustache" mustache.