Packer Prospecting

#110 2009 Playoff Prestige 009/499

My Packer prospecting has begun with this little diddy from Playoff Prestige 2009 signed by #9 pick, B.J. Raji. While trying to find something to add to this, I learned that B.J. missed all of the 2007 season because of grade problems. Not sure what that means in the grand scope of things but it can't help.


Captain Canuck said…
Prospecting? A nose tackle? you jest.
Even if he's the next Reggie White... prospecting?
Matt Flaten said…
Okay you two a Packer fan who should I be prospecting from this year's draft?

It's Raji or Clay Matthews...we didn't even have another pick until the 4th round.
Gellman said…
No one on defense, those cards never are worth anything.