I Went To Burger King And A Concert Broke Out

Fittingly, my 700th post is not card related.

I've written about the joys of living in Kansas before and yesterday's trip to Burger King was one for the books. On the way home from work yesterday, I stopped by BK for dinner [and no, I didn't get an Angry Whopper].

I noticed that the parking lot was pretty full which seemed a bit odd. Little did I know that it was full because I was about to walk into a full fledged concert going on the middle of Burger King.

Here's the band...and as much as I wish they were playing Ramones covers it was instead some light rockabilly with some mean slide guitar.

I came in right at the beginning of the festivities and as I was waiting for my fries to be done, some hardcore moshing started up...

This couple successfully blocked my attempt at getting some Dr. Pepper.

And these two ladies nearly slammed into me while I was trying to leave. Gave me a look like I was the one dancing in Burger King.

Everyone was catching dancing fever!

While this may seem odd for a native Northerner like myself this is normal in Lawrence. I asked the manager if they had concerts often...she said "yeah...every Monday night."


Dinged Corners said…
Well. This is surreal. A wild night in Lawrence!