Show and Tell #22: Spastikmooss Goodies

Tim aka Spastikmooss sent me a bunch of really great oddball "cards" and assorted goodies recently. Here are my favorites:

I'm a huge fan of floating head cards and these are literally floating heads that you can affix to a wall with a suction cup. The best part of these is Kevin Mitchell's gold front tooth. It's so gigantic and shiny your eyes go right for it.

I've stated my love for the GIANT Donruss cards of the 1980's before and so I was really excited when I pulled out a bunch of 1986 Donruss Jumbos that I hadn't seen before.

#4 Kirby Puckett

#57 Teodoro Higuera

Cardboard Junkie has been having a nice debate on whether it is better to "cut or not cut" cards that could be separated. Spastikmooss sent me some of each...a Darryl Strawberry and Wade Boggs together and a Cal Ripken and Dave Winfield separated.

I like truth in advertising and this "Big Topps" card does just that. It's Big...a little off center and the back has no stats.

Thanks Tim!


Anonymous said…
I love oddballs as well. I have a few of those Topps floating heads...I think they were called "Heads Up" or something punny like that. And those Donruss cards are from the 1987 series (even though the copyright says 1986...Donruss was always goofy like that).
SpastikMooss said…
Glad you liked them! it's awesome seeing those big heads on the web!