Short Print Masterpieces

Like Dayf I've been scooping up the clearance Masterpieces packs whenever I find them. I can't tell you how many times I've pulled that damn Michael Young card where he's doing a double play. I'm just looking for a Rangers fan to dump ten copies on.

Here are a couple of short prints from those packs...

#100 Al Kaline

#103 Jack Morris

One of my collecting goals is to get a Morris autograph card. I've been thinking about doing my first TTM auto request and I think I might just try for Mr. Morris.

Although I would call these next two cards "black bordered" officially they are "navy bordered."

#109 Derek Jeter

#22 Kosuke Fukodome


gcrl said…
i don't get the sense that morris is a big signer. he doesn't do twins fest or the autograph party despite a lot of fans asking for him. good luck!
Slette said…
Is the navy Jeter #ed?
Twitch said…
Oh snap! Is that Fukudome up for trade?