Prize Available

A very nice prize will be given out to the person that can best explain in 200 words or less the logic behind how these Goudey four-in-one cards are numbered...points will be given to originality and the ability to explain complex ideas to kindergartners.


Goose Joak said…
I have no idea how to explain it, so here's a rabbit with a waffle on its head.
Nachos Grande said…
I believe it's ordered in relation to those numbers that used to be (or maybe still are?) so prevalent on the TV show LOST.
The 35 is like male nipples. It is just... there and doesn't serve a purpose. The second number is what to look for. It goes from 1-100, the number of cards.
SpastikMooss said…
OOO it's kinda of a reference to the 1935 set. Like the 35 is there to be like "prettty" and then the second number is what actually matters. Sorry that's not very wacky haha
Mac-Hunter said…
This is quite easy if you look at the number as an algebraic equation developed by some overpaid design geek at UD. 35-39=4 so card 35-39 is card #4. You skip 35-35 as that is 0 and forget 35-42 (oops! that's Topps)This may also be the first subset with negative numbers assigned and when shuffled and dealt the equations will reveal your birthday!
35-56 (35-71)+ (35-2)= 61071

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