Highest Lowest

I'm a big fan of CheckOutMyCards.com and I was fiddling around on the site today and came upon the most expensive card listed:

This Arod/Cal Ripken dual autograph from 2004 Topps Sweet Spot is priced at $1750. Talk about over priced. For that price I could instead get

--4 Sandy Koufax 1955 Topps rookie cards
--6 1956 Mickey Mantle Topps cards
--9 copies of 1955 Topps Hank Aaron
--Every Yogi Berra card offered on the site

On the other side of the coin is this sad sad sad 1992 Topps #217 Brian Harper card that is officially listed as the card with the lowest price. There are a lot of cards listed for 1¢ but for some reason this one is listed first.

The question is this though: Is the first card really worth 105,000 copies of the second?