Double Take

Forget The Wizard of Oz, if you live in Kansas, the movie to watch and really get into is the post-apocalyptic thriller The Day After. It takes place in Kansas the day after nuclear war and just makes you feel great about living in the Sunflower State. I saw the movie a few times before moving to Kansas and now I'm here I love it all the more.

This all leads me to yesterday. I got out of my car to walk into Wal-mart and as I do I look up and do a double take like in the old Warner Bros. cartoons. From where I was standing it looked like Kansas City just went up in smoke:

You can watch the whole The Day After movie right here right now:


Matt Runyon said…
Wow! Kinda like the scene where the Jason Robards character is driving to KC and sees the cloud. What happened there?
Matt F. said…
We just had had some t-storms and it was just the sun hitting some tall clouds...

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