Comic Book Cards

I'm feeling in a non-sport mode this here are some of my favorite comic book cards:

I like my adamantium with a little gold foil added in!

Namor was one of the first super heroes and I love these Masterpieces-esque comic cards.

These next two cards are about as close as I will get to owning a Spider-Man X-fractor:

It's hard to see but on this one all the white color is really clear has the feel of the Allen & Ginter relics from last year.

Todd McFarlane was the best Spider-man illustrator ever:

While Venom is great, my all-time favorite villain is the Red Skull. It's just so simple. Nazi = Bad and Captain America rocks possibly the best costume ever.

My favorite X-men related villain is Apocalypse. It's mainly that he was the first mutant and possibly the worst ever.