Topps Synergy FAIL

If Jack Donaghy ran Topps this sort of thing wouldn't happen.

As a collector of X-fractors, I've noticed that Topps doesn't seem to have a set of rules that govern these types of cards. Each set seems to have their own take on what an X-fractor should be.

In the '07 Topps Chrome set, the "x's" are very small compared with...

...the '08 Bowman Chrome set which has, I would estimate, double the "x" size.

Even the name of the darn things is in dispute. The '07 set has it called "XFRACTOR"..

...while the '08 set has the way better and only named approved for use on Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius, "X-FRACTOR."

This must have mirrored the internal struggle that Marvel comics went through when debating the correct title of X-Factor.