Spring Cleaning The Scanned Card Folder Part II

Before I can get into the cards I picked up at my latest card show, I need to do a little spring cleaning with the cards I've picked up at previous cards show and eBay...

Here are two Exquisite autos I picked up dirt cheap on eBay...these two would make anyone buying Exquisite cringe...but I'll just file these into my "Misc. Autos" box and hope one day that any of these guys can be a 20-game winner.

This one came to me as the "guaranteed relic card" from a Fairfield repackage. Not to shabby although it look like 2008 was Jimmy Baseball's last season. He is 18 home runs shy of 400.

All though the quest for Mayo cards has slowed in recent weeks, I'm still on the lookout...

Here are a Packer and a dork...you decide which is which.
It's cards like these that got the Player's Association to create the rules regarding what is a Rookie Card. Troy never made it above AA ball but looking at this card you'd have thought he at least started some games.

Since discovering/realizing that Matt Williams is the greatest baseball player to ever be named "Matt" I have taken to collecting his cards. This is the first jersey card I've found so far.
I think this has to be one of the best overall looking autograph cards I've ever seen. Great card, even better auto...if only Mr. Rath had become a superstar. What a great name for a pitcher, Gary Rath.

And from one end of the autograph spectrum to the other...can you find the autograph? It's in there somewhere.

Here are three cards I like just because...

Some great football cards that I probably owned as a kid the first time around and now again for a 2nd time:

Just a random 1960 Topps card that I bought because for the first time I'm trying to build this year's Topps Heritage set.

I am quietly putting together a respectable "Casey Stengel as a Met" collection...

I picked up this one for the obvious 1971 tribute...


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