Show and Tell #18: UK Mariners

Jack from The Pursuit of 80's(ness) and I have been trading cards back and forth and his latest installment of Mariners [with a Royal thrown in now and again] arrived from the UK earlier this week.

Everything I know about Pinnacle cards I learned from reading Wax Heaven.

1995 Pinnacle Zenith #61

1995 Pinnacle Zenith #146

Recently, a bunch of friends and acquaintances that I knew during my undergraduate days graduated from law school. I had always toyed with becoming a lawyer but I ended up going to graduate school in health care administration I write for a card blog, but I digress...

I still get caught up in my day dreams of becoming a lawyer and so when reading the back of this card I drifted into a dream of what could have been...

1999 Topps #300I am Perry Mason cross examining Arod on the stand about his steroid use and his relationship with Jose Canseco...and during the course of my fiery cross examination, I get Arod to say that he never met Jose Canseco.

I then reach into my pocket and throw my 1999 Topps #300 at him and ask him to read the back of the card for everyone in the courtroom.

Here is the rock solid evidence that locks up the case for good! Thanks Arod, you were your own worst enemy.

1999 Topps #100

1999 Upper Deck Starquest SQ3

For some reason I thought the Starquest from last year's Upper Deck set were a new thing...I like these older ones a lot better.
1998 Bowman's Best #27

I thought these last two were from a Sports Illustrated set that I never knew existed but they were really just from a 1998 Fleer set that I never knew existed.

A Jamie Moyer that I didn't have!

1998 Fleer #90

1998 Fleer #84