Show and Tell #16: Night Owl Arrival

Night Owl sent along some great cards this week and here are five of my favorites.

Two 1971 Topps from my needs list:

#459 Jim Lefebvre

#383 Rod Gaspar

This brings me over the 48% complete mark on the set.

When I pull these Team Leaders cards I always think I've pulled something awesome like a triple relic but invariably my relic pieces are missing. I really like the foil lettering and any card with Greinke and Meche is okay with me.

Game #4390 [Royals game #146] Royals lose 12-5 to the Indians

This card exemplifies the problems with this set. The photo on the front is from the losing team and the description "Opposing hurler has Royals number" could describe 87 games from 2008 rather than Game #146.

A X-fractor...this time of former Mariners second baseman Jose Vidro.


night owl said…
Always happy to get you some '71s
Spiff said…
On the 2008 UD Documentary, there are two cards for each game. One for each team. This particular card shows the losing team but it's sister card will show an Indians player.