Show and Tell #13: Cards From Dubbs of Cheese & Beer

This week's mail brought me a box of Royals and Mariners from Dubbs of Cheese & Beer. Here are some highlights:

As the Royals have battled the Tigers for 1st place, Luke has been tearing up the AAA rather than helping the team. This fact has been aggravating fans who think the Royals can win the division this year rather than it being just a building year towards future success.

This particular year of Topps [1992] I think was printed on just about the worst card stock of any card set ever.

I love these sets like Upper Deck Classics that give older players new cards.

Lastly, a new-to-me Moyer that I don't have.

Thanks again for the cards Dubbs.


Dubbs said…
I'll say one thing for that Kansas City starting rotation...they have my fantasy team in 1st place! Glad you liked the cards.