The Shape Of Things To Come

The news that Upper Deck now has its own blog should worry the Beckett Blog a little as it seems that if Upper Deck can build an audience of its own then it could cut out the middle man [Beckett] all together...

Additional question: Would anyone complain about an Upper Deck box break on the Upper Deck Blog yielding a 1/1 Adrian Peterson?

In an act of poetic justice I stumbled upon this card today. It's a Cal Ripken card from the Sports Collector Digest dating back to 1990. And although the card is nearly 20 years old, the reverse should scare you [especially if you are Gellman]. It gives you a peak into the world of a price guide making cards and the horror of actually listing the value on them on the card itself. It's only a hop, skip, and a jump to having that 1/1 Peterson having a nice little gold foil stamp "MT $700, NrMT $400"


Wax Heaven said…
I LOVED these cards. Thanks for the flashback, looks like I have something to write about next week. :)