Goudey Jumbo

For the price of one pack at the card show yesterday [$5] I got double the amount of cards from a box store. Are we as collectors supposed to ignore the price difference and support card shops out of purely sentimental value while we are getting screwed in card value? With this sort of pricing it seems like Upper Deck wants card shops to die a slow painful death.

No. 35-26 McCann/Hudson/Jones/Johnson

I'm a little confused by the numbering system on these four piece cards...are we counting down to something?

No. 172 Tim Lincecum

I think this one is my favorite Goudey '09 card thus far.

No. 181 Bob Gibson

No. 145 Carlos Gonzalez

No. 160 Edwin Encarnacion

No. 131 Francisco Cervelli

Dan at Saints of the Cheap Seats pulled a Cervelli auto in his box break and I think he did a good job controlling his disappointment. Maybe if Cervelli becomes Posada Jr. it may prove worthwhile.

No. 60 Fausto Carmona

No. 3 Stephen Drew

No. 99 Manny Ramirez

No. 157 Pat Burrell

No. 128 Johan Santana

No. 15 Adam Jones

No. 48 Jim Thome

#615 Final Game In Cleveland Stadium

No. 84 Joakim Soria

No. 87 John Lackey


Dinged Corners said…
Don't the faces all look kind of waxen? As if Madame Tussaud designed the cards?

We agree that the card shop pricing is downright passive aggressive.
Goose Joak said…
Pretty cool Soria card, although the face doesn't look quite right.
night owl said…
That Santana card is brutal.