eBay Stamps

The best part of the eBay package that I received today wasn't even the card inside...it was the stamps that were used on it...check these out:

And a closer look:

We've got a 1965 Salvation Army 5 cent, a 1962 Charles Evans Hughes 4 cent, and five 15 cent Dolley Madison stamps from 1980.

I'm not really into stamps but these are great...

Here's what was inside the package...a 2008 Upper Deck Documentary Brian Bannister auto...


beardy said…
Maybe the seller was/is a philatelist?

Times must be tough if you've got to use your stamp collection to cover shipping costs.
dayf said…
That's awesome!!!

I've got half used books of 28 and 32 and 39 cent stamps hiding all over my house. That seller will be me about 20 years from now sticking a bunch of decades old stamps all over the place when I send out cards.
LongFlyBall said…
I love getting ebay packages with interesting stamps. My dad has been a collector of stamps since he was a kid and being able to add something to his collections is pretty cool.
When sending out packages I usually try and find interesting stamps to put on the envelope for the receiver.

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