Allen & Ginter Bernie Madoff Card Scrapped

Good taste won today as Topps scrapped plans of having a Bernie Madoff card in the upcoming 2009 Allen & Ginter set.

The email reads:

From: Topps
Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 7:33 PM
Subject: Madoff Card Removed From Allen and Ginter

Madoff Card Removed From Allen and Ginter

Topps announces that it is removing Bernie Madoff from its "World's Biggest Hoaxes, Hoodwinks and Bamboozles" insert from 2009 Allen & Ginter Baseball to comply with a request made by Major League Baseball. The card will be replaced with a subject to be named later.

Check out Wax Heaven's report on Allen & Ginter '09 for more information on the set.


night owl said…
Well, that's good to hear. Although I won't get the chance to build a bonfire in my front yard with all my Madoff doubles.
PunkRockPaint said…
Look at you! You news breaker, you.

You rule!
Dinged Corners said…
To: Topps
Fr: Bloggers

Sooz said…
That's a silly subset. Why would you want to do remember something like that?
Todd Uncommon said…
It also makes that "World's Biggest Hoaxes, Hoodwinks and Bamboozles" insert set pretty much meaningless. I was never a fan of the idea, but I also can't really figure out who really wants a card with Charles Fonzarelli or Arthur Ponzi or whatever on it. I also am not excited by the idea of a card with an Enron sculpture.

It is good to see that Topps saw (even if they were told) that someone like Madoff in a card set comes too close being mis-interpreted as celebrating the man, rather than merely commemorating his downfall.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, but a few will still "accidentally" sneak into packs and become the next big secondary market bank breaker.
Matt Flaten said…
No doubt about that!