April 4, 2009

World Baseball Classic Topps Set

Everyone else in America might have not cared/was bored with the World Baseball Classic but I really enjoyed it and I've been looking forward to the mini-set from Topps for a while now. The set arrived today from Dave and Adam and I ripped in immediately.

Is this Yu's first American card or was he included in the WBC cards in Series II of last year's Topps base set?

I don't know much about Pedro Lazo other than he is Cuba's best pitcher...This is probably my favorite card of the set:

Ichiro fans got bad news today that he will be going on the disabled list for the first time in his major league career for a bleeding ulcer. Ichiro's played in 807 games of the Mariners last 810. He's been the new Iron Man since coming to America.

This one's for Dinged Corners:

If you are interested, here is the entire 55 card set:

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