Top 7 Anagrams for Dinged Corners

I was bored today at work and started messing around with the Internet Anagram may I proudly present the Top 7 Anagrams for Dinged Corners:

7. Record's Ending

6. Second Grinder

The only thing better than one grinder is a second grinder.

5. Cod Renderings

4. Codger's Dinner

3. Censored Grind

For guys of a certain age, The Grind will always bring fond memories of after high school viewing:

2. Cornered Dings

This is one is a bit simplistic but I can't help but think of Edith running from the kitchen to give Archie his beer...I've been watching my All in the Family DVDs recently and so this one gets an elevated ranking.

1. Nicer Nerd Gods

Not to say that the ladies of Dinged Corners are know, they do run a card are at least nerd-ish...and the nicest blog out there.


Motherscratcher said…
Off the top of my head I can only think of "Cinged Dorners".

I will now go spend the next 2 hours of my life on that site.
Dinged Corners said…
You blog people are insane.
Oh wait. We're blog people also. Let us rethink.

And now we'll see anagrams everywhere. aaack