April 1, 2009

Show and Tell #12: Pettitte Pursuit's Packers

Except for the first card, all these Packers are from Eric at the Pettitte Pursuit.

I found this one going through my "commons" boxes and technically this is not really a Packer card per se but they are definitely who Donnell Thompson is going to crush in about a second. I can't figure out when this photo was taken and who exactly is the quarterback featured. The Packers didn't play the Colts during the 1989 season...plus the two quarterbacks that year, Don Majkowski and Anthony Dilweg, wore number #7 and #8, respectively.

The Packers played the Colts in Week #11 of the 1988 season and Don Majkowski played the entire game at quarterback.

Sterling Sharpe...great player but from watching him on TV I don't think he is the nicest person ever...

Packers modeling clothes...the best JC Penney catalog ever:

Dorsey & Darrell:
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