If You Hate The Concept Of Book Value Don't Buy This Repackage

I'll try anything once and so when I saw this little experiment in book value for under $10 I went for it. I am promised between 1 and 30 cards that will add up to a whopping $50 book value...My package had a bunch of Pacific and Topps Opening Day of players who have been accused and denied taking steroids. I won't celebrate that so I won't post those. Here are some I liked:

I am a sucker for die-cut and so that is why I love this card:

For some reason my package included eight cards from 2005 Fleer Showcase between the numbers 113-131...I love the old photography and sometimes, in the example of the McCovey, Slaughter, and Kaline cards design, color, and photography combine to create a great card.

In the end, I was hoping for a few vintage cards or at least some mainstream Topps or Upper Deck base set cards. If you are a Mark McGwire fan, you would have liked my pack. I estimate my cards at about $8.00...I essentially got a pack of Showcase and about 20 semi-stars. In the end once was enough for this brand of repackage.


LongFlyBall said…
Any chance of acquiring that Bucky Dent?
RoofGod said…
Being a McGwire fan and a Tiger fan,I think you got my repack box. I've never seen those Showcase cards before but gotta like the Sparky and Kaline.