The Continuing Saga: 1971 Topps

I think it is debatable as to what the biggest hurdle is in completing a set of 1971 Topps:

1. The cost of the big name stars [Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, etc...]


2. The scarcity of the higher numbered cards

Either way, I can cross two cards off the first problem from the list. I got these from the "90% off Beckett value" box at the "I saw Ernie Banks" card show from a few weeks ago.

#26 Bert Blyleven

1971 26 Bert Blyleven

#530 Carl Yastrzemski

1971 530 Carl Yastrzemski


night owl said…
Got the Blyleven. Need the Yaz.

I think the first issue is going to be the biggest problem for me. Unless some relative has a ton of money and leaves it to me in a will.

I find a fair amount of high numbers at card shows. There are a couple high numbers of stars/rookies that could be tricky though.
Anonymous said…
Still have plenty of high #'s to trade...just sayin'...