The Continuing Saga: 1971 Topps

Reader Rhubarb_Runner was nice enough to send me all of my missing Royals from the 1971 Topps set...I now have all the Royals including a card I had been wanting to get for quite a while if not simply for psychological reasons...Dick Drago, Royals pitcher, inhabits card #752 which is the last card in the series.

The first card in the set is the team shot of the World Series Champs Baltimore Orioles which I'm missing but hope to add this weekend at a card show in Kansas City that I'm going to.

I always love the team shots...especially the extra people that aren't players or coaches...

The rarely seen airbrushed batting helmet:

Amos Otis played for 17 seasons and 14 of which were with the Royals...he's one of the most beloved Royals up there with Frank White.

And the rest:

Thanks again Dave!!!!

Complete Set: 752 cards
252/752 = 33.51%


Captain Canuck said…
very jealous... nice looking cards.
Rhubarb_Runner said…
meh, they were G to VG, but nice to see they have a good home. There's more where those came from...