All Aboard The Transcontinental Card Train

The final chapter of the my Topps Red Hot Rookie saga came to an end on Friday and fittingly it was just as drawn out as the rest of this process has been...I have previously written about it here and here...the Topps redemption process had a problem a few weeks ago in which everyone who had changed their redemption address recently had to call the customer service line and basically confirm the address change.

Nonetheless, my Red Hot Rookie redemption ended up taking a transcontinental journey...let me be clear, this isn't Topps' fault. I've lived in three different states in the past eight months and because the redemption was delayed it took a little trip across this great nation of ours to all the places I've forwarded my mail to...It could have enjoyed a nice day game with Ichiro in Seattle, then visited the Hank Aaron statue at Carson Park in Eau Claire, WI and then it would be a straight shot down I-35 to Lawrence with a brief pit stop in KC to see the Kaufmann stadium.

Long story short, it's here is Daniel Murphy in all his shiny glory:


Anonymous said…
I used to live in Menomonie, and I used to work at the Olive Garden in Eau Claire.