This Weekend's Mayo Disappointment

My weekly weekend blaster purchase was devoted to Topps Mayo and I think it will turn out to be the last packs I buy of the set...of the 48 cards in the blaster I only received 15 new-to-me cards and a whole bunch of doubles even though my needs list is longer than my wait for my Red Hot Rookie redemption. So I've decided to try to finish up the set through eBay and trades...

Although I didn't make much progress on the needs list, I did pull my first Mayo relic is of #1 pick Jake Long:

Plus I pulled a mini Jake too:

I was also finally able to put together one of those Super Bowl three piece things:

For some reason Aaron Kampman's card is on the short print list for this set so I was happy to pull this one:

Plus another Packer card sort of...

Where's the Leslie Visser card?

Some players you've probably heard of before:


Anonymous said…
send me your mailing address, i will ship you 31 cards from my blaster break that you need (4 SPs included). dustyshelf at gmail .com