Show and Tell #10: For No Other Reason Than...

I've been wanting a Dale Murphy relic or auto for a while and finally stumbled upon this bat card a little while ago. The card is a little weird with Dale's tongue sticking out but that's what I like about it.

I am personally very liberal when it comes to letting people into the Baseball Hall of Fame...If Duke Snider and Jim Rice are Hall of Famers than Dale deserves it as well. In this era when statistics are inflated for unsportsmanlike reasons, I think it is important to recognize the players that had long, successful, and great career without steroids.

Justin is currently sitting at #485 on the list of home run hitters tied with Russell Branyan, Mack Jones, and Frank Malzone...just thought you should know.

Along with Ken Griffey Jr., Kaz Matsui holds the distinction of being one of two players to ever hit home runs in their first plate appearances in three consecutive seasons [2004, 2005, 2006]. Given that Ken Griffey Jr. currently has 611 home runs and Kaz has 23, I'm a little more impressed with Kaz's feat.

Patterson retired earlier this year after battling arm problems for the past two years.

This on-card autograph is from Mark from Stats on the Back. Jerry Narron was a catcher for the Mariners, Angels, and Yankees and was the catcher called up from the minors to replace Thurmon Munson when he was killed in 1979.

This one is from dayf as part of the "guaranteed auto" in a repackage he put together for me...Chris Snelling was drafted by the Mariners and that's why dayf included this card...he now plays for the Padres in the minors but did compete in the World Baseball Classic for the Australian team...

Last but not least, we have a piece of Bert "Be Home" Blyleven" it safe to say he is the greatest major leaguer ever from the Netherlands?


Jeffrey Wolfe said…
That Jerry Narron card is the coolest thing ever.