Show and Tell #9: Package from Saint of Cheap Seats

These cards are from Saint of the Cheap Seats as part of a case break Dan did a while ago...

Looking back on it, these two World Leader cards have a lot in common...Geir Haarde isn't Iceland's Prime Minister anymore after resigning earlier this year...

If you don't know the back story to Iceland's economic problems watch this:

Stephen Harper was on the verge of vote of no confidence in December '08 and had Queen Elizabeth's Governor General dissolve the Canadian Parliament to avoid the vote.

It's nice to have America be the politically stable North American country again. My apologies to my Canadian readers...but I couldn't resist:

Dan opened a case of Ultimate Collection and I bought the Mariners hoping for a nice Ichiro autograph. I ended up only pulling one regular base card is that possible Upper Deck? card from a whole team in a case of cards?

Thankfully, Dan was nice enough to send a double Joakim Soria autograph that he pulled. Joakim is the Royals star reliever and last season he became the first Royal to play in the All-Star game since 2003.


Dan said…
Cool! The Soria looks good on your blog. Sorry you didn't get that Ichiro auto you hoped for, but at least everyone got something. And I didn't even have to scam anyone, like MelbourneBob, or the YouTube scammer who is being badmouthed all around the blogosphere.