Show and Tell #7: Night Owl Swoops In With More Cards

A few weeks ago Night Owl sent along a box of Mariners and here are some of my favorites:

These three Griffey Juniors are from The Baseball Card Magazine. Night Owl previously sent me some Royal cards like these and I really enjoy the fact that these are Heritage cards before Heritage.

I think this might be my favorite '08 Ichiro...

This is my first Ovation card and I like it quite a's a good sturdy card if you know what I mean...I think Edgar Martinez could have easily become Rafael Palmeiro and I'm really glad that he didn't.

And last but not least, an '08 Topps Series 2 campaign card from the 1892 election. Grover forever became a Trivial Pursuit question when he was elected president again to two non-consecutive terms.


night owl said…
I'm not all that familiar with Ovation either. But I kind of like them.

I'm at borderline lust with Timeline these days. There are still '08 blasters of that stuff at my Target. I might just ignore '09 cards and buy that instead the next time.
Matt Flaten said…
I don't know if it's the same everywhere but the Timeline blaster are $15 bucks at my Target.

Do you have a want list for Timeline?...I couldn't find it with the other list...or I might have missed it.
night owl said…
I haven't done a Timeline want list. There are way too many I need. My interest in Timeline has been slowly building. And I haven't gotten too deeply into it because of all the short-prints. But I may go all in anyway.

I keep hearing about card markdowns at other Targets, but my Target's never done that.